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Success Stories of our Students

Many people get benefit

Aishwarya Kulkarni-Shauche

Psychology is a vast field and it's tough to wrap every core domain which is essential for further studies within a month. I was nervous about giving the entrance exam for my master's degree and I requested Tanmay sir for guiding me to deal with my entrance exam. Within a month sir taught all that core topics which were pretty hard for self-study. With wide patients and coherent teaching methods, he took a lot of effort into putting together all the topics into a PowerPoint presentation and providing more knowledge. All his efforts and blessings helped me to crack my entrance exam and I am grateful for that. Thank you sir for your vast support.

Aachal Mehta

Tanmay Sir, your teaching method is very interactive, with feedbacks as well. Even if there are a lot of students you pay attention to everyone. This encourages us to get our doubts solved, ask questions. You have guided me really well sir. Providing us with college information, arranging meetings with seniors students for their experience. Couldn't have managed it without you. Couldn't have managed to take in the pressure of written final exams after 2 years. The written exam went smoothly because of your teaching us, clearing the concepts. Thank you so much sir!!

Shreya Pisolkar

I'm shreya pisolkar, a student of Tanmay sir since last 3 years. I attended graphology and counseling courses at CPSC which were so beneficial for me. His counseling course is like a therapy itself! He also guided me for the preparation of entrance exams, and his guidance has helped me alot, because of which I made into Savitribai phule university merit list. The way Tanmay sir explains everything, every student learns the concepts thoroughly and every single student enjoys his lessons. His practical applications in teaching are so unique and different than normal lectures. He is the best mentor I've came across. Because of Tanmay sir we got so much exposure into different things apart from psychology. Whatever maybe the topic, he knows very well how to explain it in simplest way. Tanmay Joshi sir is a role model for me. I think he doesn't only make his students' career but also shapes their lives. Apart from the studies, you've helped me to overcome my biggest fear.. Now I've started to face the situations instead of running away from it. Counseling course which I attended is changing my perspective of looking at the situations and the people! Thank you so much!! 😇✨

Aayushi Nagdev

I am a student of Tanmay sir since last 4 years and more to come he is an inspiring role model for me personally and the counseling course which I joined is so beneficial for me we learnt many basic concepts of counseling we all got to explore the major field of psychology in addition to the course we all could see a personal growth from being an amateur to a practicing counselor the journey has been beautifully shaped up with the proper guidance of Tanmay Joshi sir he is more than a teacher,a counselor,a role model, his teaching techniques not only makes every difficult theory look easy but manageable also and in this counseling interactive sessions we got many brainstorming activities which were giving us a kick of knowing counseling more closely and also it changed our perspectives personally the course is very beneficial and all the credit goes to Tanmay sir for being our guide

Disha Tiwari

I am Disha Tiwari, a student of Tanmay sir for the last four years and counting. I'm pursuing MSc in Clinical Psychology in the UK currently. With Tanmay sir, I have had very fun-filled experiences and I'd love to add I also worked at CPSC as an Intern for 6 months. In my experiences, I've seen things from backstage and I can 100% assure that students didn't only take books filled with notes but with Tanmay sir's support and encouragement, students including myself, were always challenged to excel and do better in all parts of life like personal-social- academic. Working with sir enabled me to have a clear look at myself and have an astute sense of the study of psychology. I'd always wish, why didn't I have Tanmay sir as a teacher in my early years of schooling? That's how great he is at what he does! I look up to him so much that I try to inculcate his level of professionalism, dedication at work and to have curiosity in daily life. I have attended many lectures and courses conducted by sir, yet I want to keep learning more from him. In my time at work with him he boosted me to come forth and not only speak in some webinars but inspired me to conduct some, he never thought of me as just an Intern or a student but provided me with ample opportunities to grow and learn and established a healthy environment at work. I was never into reading books other than the syllabus before I met Sir, but because Sir showed faith in me I was even able to conduct a Book talk for the first time which was absolute fun! Students come to sir to attend lectures, courses, to get guidance and to participate in various activities however in these past 4 years I've never seen sir repeat the same activity or example in a class. Lastly, Thank you so much sir I will be forever grateful for all these beautiful times and memories & thank you for these wonderful opportunities.

Dr. Vaibhavi G.

The training course constituted by Prof. Tanmay Joshi had the components of Psychology like Transaction analysis, Emotion regulation, Counselling, Personality theory, REBT etc. These concepts were explained in the easiest manner and were made relevant for teacher training program by him. I teach Critical Thinking in the university and it was critical for me to build background of the subject ‘Critical Thinking by constructing psychological background of the same. Prof. Tanmay helped me build that up. I am extremely grateful to him for providing and explaining all the vital concepts with so much of practical exposure and real life examples. He is also very approachable and that helps clarify all the doubts that one might have regarding the concepts. The tailor made courses of him are very helpful in personal life also as it helps to pause and reflect on the concepts discussed in the class and thus improve in daily life. The pedagogy used by him varies depending upon the topic in discussion. I could witness Role plays, discussions, videos and stories used to support to explain the topics. This helped explore depth in it. Thanks once again.
Deshmukh Malhar

Malhar Deshmukh

Tanmay sir knows his audience... No matter how difficult theory is, he knows how to explain it. His ability to draw parallels between indian psychology and western psychological thought is one of his strong suit. Psychology is a subject where application is of utmost importance and Tanmay sir's teaching is filled with activities which can help you work on yourself! Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.... This is my experience of NET/SET classes as I learnt how to study for it. Some essential techniques and ways of approaching questions along with the syllabus provided me with a formula for clearing NET. And of course 2Cs of Commitment and Consistency are reflected throughout the process.

Poonam Palve-Thorat

Chaitanya Psychology Study Centre is a place where I got an opportunity to enhance my knowledge not only for academics but also helped me in my personal growth. Tanmay sir's techniques to chase the questions along with the options in SET/NET Class helped me to work hard but in right direction. His way of teaching through giving examples , interacting with the students & activity based learning-added to the beauty of the subject & help to understand more better.
Devdhar Naisargi

Naisargi Devdhar, Ahmedabad

For understanding Psychology and the concepts related to the subject you need someone who can explain you how it is relevant in your life on daily basis. This is how exactly Tanmay Sir teaches. Considering myself as a layman if I sit in his class jt becomes easy to understand the broad point topic and then you can think of examples more easily. What is even more better is that examples you think of are accepted. Thus you wake up with full of energy to attend the class which is being taught by Tanmay Sir.

Samrudhi Deshmukh, Law student

Psychology is more of a practical subject than theoretical, Joshi sir's ability to construct and explain various psychological aspects is what I like the most. And his patience and empathetic attitude makes Chaitanya psychology study center an amazing institute. I thankyou sir for your wonderful work and wish you all the best for your future.

Mohini Aghor

Stepping into the field of psychology can be chaotic and overwhelming, since it's about the complexes of the mind. But if the initial journey is smooth, things can turn out magical. That's what Tanmay Joshi sir, from Chaitanya psychology study centre did. He made my journey in the field of psychology, smooth and enjoyable one. Attended two courses- handwriting analysis and counselling, and by the end of both I was full of knowledge, excitement and life lessons. His way of teaching is friendly and class becomes a therapy itself. Thank you!
Anagha Naik

Anagha Naik

Respected Tanmay Sir, Being your student for 4 years, I would like to say, thank you so much for all the good experiences you've given us! You always have treated your students with utmost respect and solved even silliest of our doubts! It was an amazing experience to learn under you, and we still remember the passionate way you taught us REBT and many more topics with. I am very grateful for all the help you have provided to uncover our potential and achieve our dreams. Thanks a lot once again!